2013 ShanYuan eco-working holiday

Shanyuan is a beach in Taitung, Taiwan. Local aboriginal people call it "Fudafudak" in Amis language, which means "the beautiful beach".  In 2004, Taitung government started a BOT project to build a beach resort on Shanyuan beach and helped the resort to avoid an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before construction begins.

The Miramar resort has been a top controversial issue about conservation and development since then. This  May, welcome to join our eco-working holiday and let's find out what's really going on here by ourselves. Experience the traditional Amis way of life and learn from a different culture about sea! Furthermore, you can contribute to saving the ocean and make a difference!

Reef Check is a simple system for scuba diving volunteers to participate in reef conservation by reef monitoring.

Marine debris is one of the most serious population problems, killing many marine creatures, it also threatens human life, communities and economies around the world. Join us in Coastal Cleanup and Marine Debris Monitoring to make a difference!

2013/05/18 Sat. ~ 2013/05/20 Mon.

Volunteer work
Reef Check and Coastal Cleanup at ShanYuan beach

Team Reef Check:adult(age 18 or older), possess advanced diving certificate. If participants only possess open water diving certificate, they must have scuba dived more than 50 tanks
Team Coastal Cleanupadult(age 18 or older)

Team Reef Check:NT6000
Team Coastal Cleanup:NT5000
Contact Info
Please contact us for more information and registration:
Taiwan Environmental Information Association
teiawh@e-info.org.tw, +886-2-2933-2233 ext. 228 or 223